Wild cod liver in own oil


Canned Icelandic Cod livers are high-end products due to their freshness, delicious gourmet flavor, and low levels of contaminants, as they are all sourced from the clear, northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a natural product that does not contain preservatives and flavorings.

Ingredients: Cod liver (Gadus morhua) in its own juice (99%), salt. During the sterilization process, the liver secretes its own natural fish oil. The amount of fish oil in each can may vary according to a number of factors: the fat content of the fish, the fishing season, the gender of the fish, and others.


-The transparent lid allows to verify the excellent quality of the product even before opening it.

- Large pieces of liver thanks to gentle manual cutting.

- Made from Cod wild-caught near Iceland.

 - Fresh raw materials (without intermediate freezing) - the proof of which is the light color and delicate texture of the liver.

- Canned food is produced no more than 48 hours after catching.

- Due to its unique qualities, the product has a long shelf life without the addition of preservatives.

- Salt is the only additive to canned cod liver.

- Cod liver is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D.

Net WT: 121 g