Smoked cod liver 202 g


Cod liver is a high-quality canned food, containing a variety of nutrients and natural microelements. It is a natural product containing no preservatives and flavoring additives.


• It is made from fresh fish only. Canned cod liver is produced no more than 48 hours after catching.

• Due to its own unique qualities, the product has a long shelf life without adding the preservatives. Salt can be the only additive to the canned cod liver.

• In addition, it is rich in valuable substances - vitamins (A, D, E) complex of OMEGA-3 fatty acids. Such purity of fish oil does not exist anywhere.

• Cod liver is very useful for people with high physical activity, children in the intensive growth period, pregnant. The consumption of cod liver during pregnancy, contributes to the formation of a high intelligence in the baby.

• Besides the useful properties of the product, it is also very tasty! And this is a real delicacy in many countries.  

Ingredients: cod liver in own oil, salt and smoke liquid    

Per unit: 102*102*33 mm
Net WT: 202 g
Carton size: 375*108*108mm

1200*800 mm

12 pcs/ctn
154 ctns/pallet
7392 ctns/cont


1200*1000 mm

12 pcs/ctn
196 ctns/pallet
8232 ctns/cont