Cod liver cream with mushrooms 121 g


A real fish delicacy that can satisfy the finicky tastes of gourmets. The cream combines Cod liver and Cod meat with the addition of fragrant dried mushrooms and spices.

Ingredients: Cod liver (Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua)), Cod (Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua)), water, egg powder, milk powder, onion powder, dried mushrooms, salt, spices.


  • High content of Cod and Cod liver (90%) in the product.
  • Canned food is produced no more than 48 hours after the fish is caught.
  • Homogeneous consistency is ideal for preparing canapés, sandwiches, pancakes, ravioli and other dishes.
  • The maximum benefit of product consumption is due to the high content of fish oil, which is not separated from the main product and is very useful as it contains a lot of OMEGA-3 and vitamins A, D, E.
Per unit: 107*63*30 mm
Net WT: 121 g
Carton size: 325*109*70 mm

1200*800 mm

12 pcs/ctn
276 ctns/pallet
13248 ctns/cont


1200*1000 mm

12 pcs/ctn
312 ctns/pallet
13104 ctns/cont