Marine treasures


We care of everything that surrounds us: nature, traditions, ecology. Thanks to this the Icelandic seafood are so pure, useful and high valued.

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We are located in Southwestern Iceland in small town Sudurnesjabaer. That means that we use only natural raw materials freshly caught in Iceland.


Individual approach to each client. We can create a product with an unique recipe just for you.


We are famous for producing products from fish and seafood with the best quality


We use our own developed technology and modern equipment combined with progressive management techniques

Dear partners! We are constantly evolving and always open to something new. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in cooperation. We are always glad to communicate with you.
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Rostyslav Tkachuk

CEO/Chairman of the Board

Co-founder of Isstormur ehf. mastermind, inspirer and the person who manages the whole of this huge structure starting on the factory, to the sale to the final consumer. “Our main goal is to create a "family" team through which we will broadcast our values, using the product and the service for all customers, globalizing the "family". We work with clients who share our views and not in terms of "profit for profit", but in terms of creating additional value for a product for each of the participants in the "family".

Dovydas Raila

Quality Manager

The product quality is always on the first place for us. That is why our staff employs only highly qualified technologists. “We can guarantee the high class of our products due to strict control the quality of raw materials and production. Thanks to small distance from the catch to the places of processing, raw materials always fresh and high quality. Each process is controlled very carefully. We do not stop at what has been achieved, always improve and develop new recipes to please our customers.”

Yana Tkachuk

Marketing Manager

The most important thing for us is to satisfy the consumer. Inside the company, family atmosphere prevails, that is why we are so good in what we are doing, we support each other. Thanks to that our main goal becomes easier to get. We are focused on satisfying all the wishes of each customer, including not only the quality of the product itself, but also its appearance. We are making products for market demand. We find an individual approach to each and every one. By choosing us you choose uniqueness.



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